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Timber railway sleepers (cross ties)

Ets Röthlisberger SAThe swiss specialist for timber railway sleepers (or cross ties, railroad ties) for more than one century !
Preservation of timber is for a long time the central activity in Glovelier. The company is the unique  producer for timber railway sleepers in Switzerland. Ets Röthlisberger SA is a confidence partner of Swiss Federal railways and other private companies.
We use exclusively hardwoods (beech and oak) for the production of our timber sleepers. The logs issue from our region, and we support the sustainable management of our forests.

In order to insure a long service life, the timber sleepers are dried, and than impregnated with creosote (1st quality, WEI-Type C).

We have always on our stock large quantities of railway timber sleepers:
Regarding umpteen applications of our timber sleepers in various types of normal and narrow gauge tracks, see also our references. Our sleepers brings an optimal insulation, and their elasticity preserve tracks superstructure as wel as vehicles. The wooden sleeper absorb vibrations and insure a minimal noise level for adjacent residents (Regarding that matter, see a meaningful Austrian case (see in German the official rapport, page 27 and the come back to the timber sleeper adopted recently in the region of Insbruck).

timber railway sleepers in narrow gauge company MGB
Timber sleepers (ties) for narrow gauge

timber railwa sleepers of Röthlisberger SA ready for expedition
Timber sleepers ready for delivering

we have a large stock of untreated timber railway sleepers
Beech sleepers during seasoning period

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EMPA: bilan écologique des traverses de chemin de fer  (0.7 MB)
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EMPA: Life Cycle assessment of Railway sleepers  (0.7 MB)
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La Forêt 5/2014: future of the Timber sleeper (in French)  (0.4 MB)

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