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Steaming is another technology that  A+C Corbat SA applies to raw sawn timber. After rapidly heating it up to above 90C, the cuts are maintained at a high temperature and steam saturation for a period varying according to the desired colour.

Indeed, the colour of the wood changes through a phenomenon of oxidation. Beech, for example, takes on a quite characteristic and aesthetically interesting pink colour. For other wooden species, the colour difference between sap- and hardwood is strongly reduced. Moreover, this technique reduces the internal tensions of the timber and facilitates its drying.

We also apply this technology to softwoods. Spruce or Larch becomes darker and looks like reclaimed timber, also named antique wood.

An homogeneous colour is obtained within all the cross section of the treated timber, also for large dimensions beams. 

spruce cladding, steamed and brushed,"antique wood" aspect




After steaming and brushing is a real "antique wood" aspect achieved !



This process is also very efficient for the sterilisation of timber, respectively for the elimination of wood attacking insects and microorganisms.

Our steaming chamber alows treatment of timber pieces up to 10.30m Length.

We apply a indirect steaming process which allows a mild treatment as well as an interesting valorisation of timber.
Construction Timber: large dimensions beams in Larch before (above) and after (below) steaming

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